Demonstrate Your Property for a Better Market and Better Value!!!!!

DS As-Built put ourselves in the Clients shoes! We understand it takes an owner time and living in a home to learn what they need and what aspects of remodeling will be required. Understanding these needs is our expertise. Our team will provide existing plans and blueprints on the current layout. Your design team then can work closely with them to make their needs work in an efficient and timely manner. Simple changes, smart and easy solutions are usually all they take to make a house your home! We show all existing details on our asbuilt drawings to help you or your designer to find out about them.

DS As-Built enjoys working with Real Estate Agents! We are ready to provide you with existing condition drawings regarding properties to aid clients visually to offer cozy, convenient and affordable changes. This will substantiate your Property for a finer market and better value!

DS As-Built will enable you, the Agent, assist the perspective owner see the properties advantages through our professional observations. Hidden beauties are in every house, we make them immediately obvious with Asbuilt drawings so you can turn a property quickly and efficiently.

Once Real Estate Agents, Owners and Property Managers have their DS As-Built drawings, they’ll be received selling and renting tips for their House and Apartment Properties!

Agents, Owners and Managers representing multi-unit properties requires that you persuade perspective tenants they “have found the perfect place”! Typical advertisements give descriptions of the generalities, but having DS As-Built Plans and Blueprints allows tenants to see how they are going to love living there! It will help them use their imagination as to where to place that big screen TV, their beloved dining set or comfy chair! It makes your property stand out and makes it your special apartment for lease! It will take your marketing to a much more progressive and edgy level!