This page provides services for people who already own their homes.

If you don’t have your house plans and blueprints you may need it in unexpected time. We prepare these documents and submit to you in digital and hard copy formats. You may save the digital file at your secure location. As built drawings are needed for home owners on following situations:

-Affecting by the disaster. By working with disaster recovery teams through the use of special programs, can assist victims in rebuilding same housing if they have their house as-built documents.

-Buying foreclosed home without any plan drawings and giving decision to fix or remodel the house.

-Predatory Lending Victims: Means who bought their home from abusive practices by some business people involved in the selling or financing of homes. Homeowners can find themselves in a just-purchased home that is not worth the amount of their mortgage loan. This result for the homeowner could ultimately lead to foreclosure or solving the problem with the data of house as-built drawings.