There are lots of techniques to take accurate existing condition measurements on various plan types beside different company methods. We prefer to take control on all our dimensions and use cumulative measuring techniques from each of our zero points on plan. Zero points may described as corners of rooms or as middle points of walls on long distance interior or exterior areas while we take overall dimensions, or some other time the beginning of any diagonal as built survey measurement may called as our zero points. This method never allows a chance to make huge mistakes.  Even though there might be a small possibility to get some small mistaken dimensions on the way of long overalls, like the corner location of coordinating doors, but it’ll be found out right away by us and corrected before we complete inputs of that overall dimensions. Because it’ll be obvious with this method to see the sign there is something needs attention which doesn’t apply the final number.

The other unique as built measuring principle we apply to our work is ‘always having diagonal measurement at the end of each interior or exterior work’. Choosing pivot points on plan, sometimes dragging diagonal ropes or simply using laser and level tools are all next steps. Deciding from which directions the most important pivots and diagonals has to be done by just professional eyes.  Geometrical knowledge and skills take sensitive role at this point and proofs these profession when all the drawings begun to input on digital drawings or even on hand drawings. DS Asbuilt Measuring Service proudly announces our highly efficient knowledge and background on these important skills which apply form the very beginning step of as-built measuring and drawing to 3D as-built modeling phases. We take our moment and decide the best 3 diagonals in site area to eliminating the chance of inaccuracy.

Existing conditions measuring skills have to match with drawing and as built modeling skills, especially on these diagonal inputs. The reason of we take 3 diagonal is to ensuring 3 points from 3 locations. If we would prefer to get 2 points and diagonal measurements these intersection points may be vary and we would not be sure if it’s definite or not. But intersection of 3 diagonals always gives the right ONE point.

Dear Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Designers; even though we’re sure you’re going to like our system and style we’re open to apply new comments to our measuring and drawing style comes from you too. We respect each office’s unique priorities on drawing systems and able to keep them applicable on your projects if it’s asked. We just may need small additional time for our quick learning period.

We’re looking forward to serve you with our best effort and meet your expectations.