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  • Technology: 2D & 3D Technology

Measuring Instruments on Site:

Our asbuilt measuring tool trunk contains; laser meter, tapes with long and short distance alternatives, plump line, rope, level, flash light, set square, angle gauge, level tube, template (straight edge), calculator and hose as our technical measuring equipments. Most of these supplies are used for geometrical calculations or constructive measuring techniques if it’s needed to create at site. Furthermore, we bring to site ladder if it’s a place we believe to use it like the buildings with huge ceiling and roof system or with deep crawlspaces. Our ‘To Do Checklist’ is prepared and frequently developed with years of experience to bring it on site.

Besides using laser tool we prepare ourselves for new goal of Bluetooth and updating the 3Dmodel of existing building at job site. Our goal is to provide much more fast and accurate existing building projects to our clients. This technology will be in our services soon.

Drawing Instruments at DS Studio:

Our skill on various 2Dimensional and 3Dimensional software is adequately large if it’s required to serve. But we give 2Dimensional as built drawing services on our standard work list (please check the difference between standard and optional asbuilt services on our ‘company’ page).

It’s optional for you to choose PDF or DWG extended file delivery.

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